Uni House Student Apartments

WiFi / Internet

We now have fast and reliable wireless internet throughout the premises (UniHouse) and are a hotspot provider.





$8 4 GB
  • Easy Setup
  • Secure
  • No Contract
  • NB: Each internet account can connect up to 3 devices
  • Connection speed > 15 Mbps up and 15 Mbps down
$30 60 GB
$40 80 GB
$50 150 GB
$69 Unlimited

For WiFi Setup, click here -  How to connect the first time to the BuildCorp Wifi at Unihouse

For monthly renewal of your WiFi, click here -   How to renew your monthly WiFi account

(Note that when clicked on, the above 2 PDF documents will download as per your specific browser settings)

For Faults or Assistance Contact James, Phone/text: 027 202 9750